Delegation Dashboard (E-Book, Notion Templates, Video Tutorials)

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The Trap: You’ve got too much on your plate, yet finding someone to replace you feels like an impossible (and time-consuming) task.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have found enough success to grow, but they still can't get out of their own way. 

Since you’ve been doing everything yourself—project management, customer service, sales—for years, it feels normal to actively operate every part of your business. But this kind of thinking creates a plateau in your growth and keeps your business small-time.

It takes time to bring others up to speed, and that feels risky. And you're paranoid that the most important things in your business will go wrong if you let anyone else take over even the smallest task. 

It’s normal to feel afraid to make choices that you see as a risk.

You know delegation is a solution to staying up late on menial tasks, feeling burnt out, or getting stuck, but you wonder…

  • What if things don’t get done right?
  • What if you choose the wrong project to delegate?
  • What if you hire the wrong person?
  • What if something happens and you can’t fix it?

So you read the “E-Myth, Revisited.” You look into automation and no-code (a good solution but not the full solution). People tell you that super-detailed guides can help, and that it’s just about figuring out what’s outsource-able.

You consider a VA and ask a few friends if they have one/if it worked for them. 

You already know delegation is important, yet it’s time to get over the hump and make it happen.

That's where The Founder Flywheel comes in. Delegate to the right people → get freedom back → uplevel your business and life → repeat ∞ 

It's time to create free space for yourself by finally learning to delegate the unimportant and low-leverage parts of your work so that you can free yourself up to focus on what's most meaningful and impactful in your business and your life.

Entrepreneurs thrive with free space in their calendars. Let’s get some space back through delegation. 

What would you do with 5-10 hours back per week? 

When you build a team around you, you go 10x faster, without having 10x more work on your plate.

Would you…

  • Plan and take your dream vacation?
  • Decide to start a new business or project?
  • Finally document and create processes for your company, saving you even more hours per week?
  • Uplevel your income and profitability?
  • Use the time for hobbies or more time with family?

Get over the hump of learning to delegate with examples of people who’ve done it, mindset shifts, and actionable templates.

Bring on the right people for the job. Spend your time on the most creative, future visions for yourself and your business...through delegation.

This E-Book & Dashboard is about using delegation to get that free, malleable space back. It's to the point, with practical methods and mindset changes to begin using delegation to free up time.

Pick up your copy and get started delegating today...

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"Here’s a writer who has solved problems in his own businesses, tells you tactically what they did to overcome real challenges - and writes like he is in your head, and knows exactly what you’re going through. Buy his book immediately, and you’ll walk away knowing how to do better. You will not regret this purchase."

About Me:

Hey, I'm David Sherry. I bootstrapped Death to Stock. I’ve hired dozens of creatives from all over the world, and currently run a boutique coaching service to early-stage founders and entrepreneurs.

Founders hire me to scale themselves and their systems: Building better teams, landing bigger opportunities, and developing the best version of their lifestyle

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Delegation Dashboard (E-Book, Notion Templates, Video Tutorials)

14 ratings
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